HOW to Find Trending Products and Why Digital Downloads for Crafting Are Exploding

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What is trending? This topic is one that I love to touch base about every year because the crafting world is constantly changing..... well in some ways. Have you noticed over the last year how many different machines there have been or the updates they are making to some of the current machines?

In this episode I go over some numbers that I looked up about Michaels and Hobby Lobby through the years of 2020-20221 and wow.... lets just say that they truly do show that the craft world specifically "digital downloads" are not going anywhere ... anytime soon. After doing some research on Michaels website I noticed all the new categories and honestly some of them kind of surprised me!

Now.. to the podcast to find out how to find trending products to navigate your own digital download business

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Finding your unicorn product
  • New crafting categories 
  • Being able to predict a trend in the industry 

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