Stick to the Process, It Works! Major Growth on Etsy in Just One Year with Whitney Cawood: Part One

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The amazing tid bits to making it on Etsy, thats what I wanted to call this episode this week with our returning guest Whitney Cawood!!!

Whitney has a mockup shop that went from $500 a month in September of last year TO almost $6,000 a month on Etsy this year. WOW, this girl has been hustling!

She gives us the inside scoop on how she has done it from SEO, marketing research, how to solve the problem of your sales going down and so much more, this is a good episode you may want to get a pen and paper to write down some of this!

I have learned so much, and I hope that you will too! 

 What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Market research is important
  • Problem solving when sales go down
  • How to trigger Etsy

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