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With a formal education in marketing, and combined background in Internet Marketing and graphic design, Kasey launched her first Etsy shop with zero followers to her name. She was able to rise to the top 1% of shops selling on Etsy, replacing her corporate income, in the first 6 months after launching. The Pen and Posh SVG shop has earned over six-figures in revenue, 54,861 sale orders and 3,000 average five star reviews!

The best part? Every single sale is automated, giving her time to care for two feisty toddlers and live the flexible lifestyle she once thought only existed for others.

Kasey owns a multi-six-figure coaching business that teaches thousands worldwide to do the same. She has over 1000 paying students whom she has taught to design SVGs, launch and grow digital download shops on Etsy and reach the passive income lifestyle. A business that revolves around a passion to create and serves the individual, instead of the other way around.


the naptime hustle


The Naptime Hustle Podcast is the first of it's kind to help the overwhelmed, crafty mom transition her "jobby" (job/hobby) into passive income.

Each week we discuss mindset blocks, marketing tips, Etsy news and design trends, SVG tidbits, time management tactics, selling digital products and how to do it all with little people in tow!

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