Making Six-Figures the First Year by Selling Print-on-Demand Products on Etsy with Jonathan Marks

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Oh my goodness, Finally!  This episode is way overdue!

I have been wanting to have a Print-on-Demand shop owner on the show for some time now.

My guest on this episode is Jonathan Marks, a Print-on-Demand shop owner who was able to earn SIX FIGURES in passive income his first year on Etsy!

Jonathan is sharing how he started his original business in secret and the pivots he made when the pandemic caused his Amazon Store sales to tank.

We are discussing the pros and cons of owning a Print-on-Demand business on Etsy or Amazon, how Jonathan got involved in the business, and the difference it’s made in his life.

If you’re curious about owning a Print-on-Demand business on Etsy then you do not want to miss this week’s podcast interview. 

Click the link to listen as Jonathan shares his words of wisdom when it comes to owning a Six Figure Print-on-Demand business on Etsy

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What is Print-on-Demand anyway?
  • How pivoting with the pandemic allowed Jonathan to overcome plummeting sales.
  • Tips on how to find the right partners and vendors.
  • How you can be successful with a Print-on-Demand business  

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Really inspiring episode, thanks Kasey! What’s the name of Jonathan’s Etsy shop? I’d love to see his products – thanks.

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