How to Pivot Your Business by Honing in on Your Strengths with Whitney Cawood

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My guest today, Whitney Cawood, has gone from a background in education to a marketing career, to starting her own Etsy shop and now smashing it in her mock-ups shop. 

It was honing in on her strengths that guided her through each of her pivots to where she is now. In this episode, Whitney shares where she came from, what changes she has made, and why, plus the future plans of her Etsy shops.

Whitney reminded me of a couple of things I’ve said in the past on The Naptime Hustle. She says that one piece of advice, in particular, made all the difference in how much her business has grown. 

It turns out I actually needed to hear that advice again myself. The statement I had made was “Focus on the things that are making you money.” Sometimes we get caught up in what we are doing day to day or we have shiny object syndrome, but I’m glad for this reminder to figure out what’s bringing in the money and focus my energy on that.

Grab your earbuds and click the link to listen as Whitney shares what it takes to have a mock-up shop and what she says made her sales and production take off.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Wow, 80% of her income is coming from this…
  • The Naptime Hustle advice that has skyrocketed Whitney’s production
  • How to find the right keywords for SEO and grow your business 

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Tammy Cook

Hello! Love your podcast! Question about the episode speaking of mock-up shops. I’m Confused about exactly what is a mock up shop. I’m gathering it’s not the same as making and selling SVG files. What is the purpose exactly of a mock up shop?

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