Pivoting Your Business and Mindset When the Unexpected Happens: Cricut's Announcement and What Designers Need to Know

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This is a long-overdue episode given that so many people lost their businesses in 2020. So many restaurants had to pivot just to stay afloat. And just like they did, we may find at some point that we need to do the same in our business!


One thing is for sure, I always try to remind myself that if anything significant were to happen where I would need to completely pivot my business, I could do it!


Because everything is figureoutable.


This wasn’t always the case though. A big change to software or platform in the past was borderline life-altering, to say the least!


I’ve learned a thing or two about pivoting through the 11 years I’ve been in the online commerce arena that I want to share with you. 


Though the announcement Cricut made recently wasn’t this major detrimental change to us SVG designers, it got me thinking, What If?


What if my mainstream of income went away?


What if something similar to a zombie apocalypse happened and all cutting machines everywhere did away with SVG uploads? 


Okay, a bit extreme I know.


But, what if??


What would you do?

Would you be ready?

How would your business survive?


In today’s episode, I am diving into the answers behind each of these questions so that you can examine your business with a new, refreshed perspective that is needed to keep your business thriving through unexpected challenges that may arise.


I also share with you my thoughts on Cricut’s announcement regarding SVG uploads - linked here. To make it a juicer episode, I went ahead and did some research via a few Facebook polls for crafters. 


Go listen to all my findings in the episode!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • New ways to pivot and adapt your business to changing times or situations
  • A new perspective on how to use your business
  • How one or two quick changes can lead to major impacts or sales
  • How adapting your business may not be as complex as you may think
  • How Cricut’s announcement will impact the SVG world
  • The results of my SVG polls (Also shown below!)


Poll Results - “How Many SVG’s Have You Uploaded in the Past 30 Days?”

Free SVG Group

Crafting Business Group

SVG Designer Group

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