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 This week we are celebrating 85 episodes!  Thinking back to how this all got started back in November 2018 with my first episode What are SVG Cut Files and How do I make them!

I wanted to be sure that I was in it for the long haul! I can’t believe that 2 years and 4 months later here we are celebrating 85 episodes.

In this episode I asked my students in our private community what they felt were the episodes that resonated with them and that hit home, as well their favorite go to episodes!

Like many crafters, designers, and business owners, Episode 024 Shiny Object Syndrome, really hit home for so many of our community members. I heard from so many of my students that they really appreciated my tips and advice that I shared in this episode. Knowing your why is absolutely the key to keep going! Once I found that I needed to just stick to this venture and stop jumping around from idea to idea, it finally took off.

Next up, my students told me they absolutely resonated with Episode 067 Surviving Crazy How to make it through crazy times as a Mom and business owners. There was a lot of fear and stress surrounding all of us in the midst of the pandemic, the presidential election season, and all the pivotal moments we all experienced. I shared about the stress, pressure, and craziest time of our life! In this episode, I gave you my top tips and recommendations for how to get through the tough situations that life throws at you and remind you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and also know that this too shall pass. Hire out what you can, schedule out time for your business.

Lastly, my Designer’s Course to SVG File students found Episode 074 What Happened When a Copycat Stole My Work, helped them figure out and understand how to handle these situations in the best way that honors your business and customers. I wanted to lash out and retaliate, but then I realized that I needed to take a step back, calm down and remind myself of who it is I am serving. When I do this I realize that people will see through it. If this happens to you go back and read your good reviews on your shop. Listen to the tips I give if you find yourself in a situation where a copycat stole your work.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to overcome Shiny Object Syndrome 
  • Tips on staying focused on your current tasks
  • How to survive Crazy Times as a Mom and Business Owner
  • What to do and (not to do) if someone copies your work
  • List of steps you can take when this happens to you
  • Why you should keep designing no matter what

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