Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, How Shifting to an Attitude of "They Just Can't See It Yet" Will Transform Your Business

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Ever have these thoughts?  “Who am I to be doing this?” “I am not even a good designer.” “Business Betty over here has an amazing business, she has beautiful things, how could I ever possibly compete.”  “Jane is right, this is just a hobby, why am I wasting my time?”

But...what if I told you that you could have different thoughts?

What if I told you that once you overcome our fears, doubts, and face the judgement and start to believe in yourself You actually begin to DEFY imposter syndrome.

Sounds simple enough, right? Tune in to find out the exact “formula” for shifting your mindset and how to defy and overcome imposter syndrome once and for all. 

Go listen to how making and adjusting a few things right now in your life, that you have control over, will help you overcome imposter syndrome and go from having a jobby to a full transformation in your business.

It starts with you! It starts with your mindset.

Go listen to how shifting your mindset will transform your business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Shifting your mindset and your attitude
  • Stop being afraid to tell others about your vision
  • How to surround yourself with the people who DO believe in you
  • How to adjust your schedule and choose your dream

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