How Handmade Businesses Are Using Sublimation

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Have you thought about starting a handmade business using sublimation? You know me, and know that I am the digital type of gal but it is needed in the handmade world for sublimation! With that being said I have compiled not only the top trending sublimation types of the 2023 guide that you can find in the links mentioned below but also in this episode we go over some of the product types that you need to know if you are planning to niche into this! 

What types of handmade projects are you going for?

What are the top trending sublimation projects to make?

What types of products should be designed for when starting out?

It is important to do product research of your own about what is trending, are you paying attention to the people around you and what they are wearing?

This episode is short but packed with some useful information, if you know of other trending products or want to talk about sublimation make sure to tag me or pm me on Instagram at @kaseyclin, and let's chit-chat about sublimation!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The Top Sublimation Trends of 2023 guide 
  • The Top Sublimation Files
  • Polyester Products 
  • An “ I can’t believe you said that” moment 

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