Digital Downloads and Product Trends of 2023 and How to Stay on Top of Design Trends as a Designer: Part One

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Want to have the inside scoop on what digital dowloads designs have in store for 2023?  

I think we all have at least one superpower. One of mine is having a sixth sense for what direction things are heading in. 

If you want in on the predictions that could help you get a leg up in your Etsy shop, join me on this week’s episode and hear about where digital downloads and products that are trending are headed.

I have a new course coming out! I cannot wait for you to hear all about it in this episode! Please, do not forget to grab my freebie below that goes over all the different types of sublimation that I see trending.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The top trending products
  • How to stay on top of design trends
  • Changes Etsy has made

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