Girl, Hold Your Own Hand! Coaching Yourself When Sales Are Slow

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I bet you know what you’re going to order at Starbucks before you get there.  The same goes for any other restaurant you frequent.  You know what you like. You know what works for you.  The same goes for so many other areas of our lives.  

In this episode, I am talking about you and how you have all the answers that you need and You can do this!!  I’ll prove it to you.

First, let me say that I am speaking directly to one kind of person today. That’s the person who had sales in the past, and then all of a sudden their sales are slow and they’re freaking out and wondering what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it!  If that’s not you, please listen anyway because this is a cycle we all go through every day, week, month, and year of our businesses.

As a mentor so many times I become a crutch to my students. They come to me when things are not going right in their business. They ask me time and time again what to do, how to know if it’s the right thing and so many questions like these.  

There are two different kinds of these people.  The first is the one who needs to be reminded of the steps and the second is someone who wants me to hold their hand *again* while they walk through it.  In this episode, I’m diving deep into why you don’t need me to tell you what to do or hold your hand.

I’m not magic and I go through the same struggles as you do so let’s talk about how to find the answers, how to light the fire, and how to get our butts back in gear.  First, give yourself a high five, grab your earbuds, and get ready to listen to this much-needed pep talk.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to find out what worked before
  • How to use your stats to keep up the momentum 
  • How to prepare for slumps in your business
  • Why you need to celebrate your wins

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