Etsy's New Craft Machine Categories, Plus NHP is Taking a Quick Break!

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I am a few days late on getting this episode to you all and I apologize for that but I had something important to share and an announcement to make about the podcast. Which is why I struggled with assembling my thoughts before airing this one. 

You are probably wondering okay so “What's the big news?” 

Well, first, Etsy came out with a significant change that impacts all of us digital download sellers, and second, I am taking a small break from hosting this podcast during this summer. 

Listen in to what's been going on in my life, how to gain clarity in your business and Etsy's latest change to their categories, and how this affects you and me.

Don't worry though! I am still going to be sending weekly emails to you with tutorials, interviews, upcoming events and more, so you're in the right place. 

Keep reading though because I have something special to share with you.

Earlier last month Etsy announced a change to their product categories...big hint, it has to do with digital downloads! 

And in response to this big announcement, I decided to put together a guide, "The Core 5 Craft Machines and What You Need to Know About Them". 

So listen to the episode, then come back here and click this link to download the guide. 

In the guide, I share the leading craft machine types on the market today, and a little about them because a few may be new to you, and lastly I share the corresponding filetypes since I knew that's the part you've been interested in!

I also share more about Etsy's announcement in the guide.

I hope you enjoy it! 

Until next time, cheers!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Etsy’s change to their product categories
  • A special announcement about The Naptime Hustle podcast
  • How to get clarity in your business   

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Hey Ladies! I have passed these comments to Kasey. She would like to let you know that these words meant so much to her! She appreciates you so much; and is so grateful for your support! ❤️❤️❤️


Kasey!! You really hit one out of the park on this episode! I’ve listed to most of your 146 episodes and have gained so much from your knowledge. I appreciate the amount of deep dedication you’ve given to sharing with us, especially on the personal level in this episode. It was so inspiring! Your hard work is amazing and I’m so happy you have the connection with God to be able to see His path for you. So happy you got a break to clear your mind and wishing you all the best in your break from NHP. Will be on the lookout for your return! Thank you so much!


Kasey- Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your beliefs. What an amazing testimony you gave today, It takes courage to share what you’re going through. I have been struggling getting my business going while taking care of my kids & family, teaching, running a homestead, etc. and yesterday was a very bad day. I was ready to quit. I outright sobbed listening to this podcast on my morning walk today. God used you to talk to me and it really felt like that – your words were just what I needed to hear. Thank you doesn’t quite cover it but just know you are making a difference. ❤️ God bless you.


What a spirit filled podcast, Kasey, so inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your heart so transparently today. So sorry to hear about your difficult journey and trials and I stand in faith for God to make beauty from these ashes for you and your family. You are so right, He is always with us. So this song is for you and others in need of strength in any circumstance – Toby Mac’s Help Is On The Way: Stay strong and God bless!


Wonderful Podcast, Kasey! Thank you, and please, never apologize for being genuine AND being a human—and a pretty generous and kind one at that! hugs Take your time, enjoy the summer with your girls and do what you gotta’ do for your business; it can only trickle down to us in positive ways!

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