Email Marketing Hacks That Are Game Changers

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Every once in a while I’ll hear from one of my students that they followed the tips and tricks that I gave to them and it worked. 

For me, I’m thinking, “Yes, it should work, I learned those lessons the hard way so I passed them on to you.”. At the same time, I hear from students over and over again who say they aren’t getting anywhere or they don’t have any sales. 

The reason that it worked for some is that they trusted the process and did the things. Whatever those things were they were doing them and trusting it would work for them.

Last week in episode 139, Where to Spend Most of Your Time During the First Phase of the Business I discussed the first phase of your business and where to focus your energy.

In this episode, we’re moving into the next phase, I’m breaking down my 4 hacks of email marketing. I’m diving deep into what your emails should look like, what has a direct effect on your open rates, the most important thing your email should address, and finally, consistency - it makes all the difference. 

Whether or not you’re ready for them this is where you’ll find the details on using email marketing for business growth. 

Also if you missed it, go give Episode 88, writing conversational emails that connect with your readers, with Robin Crump, a listen. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • My 4 hacks to effective email marketing
  • The MAIN thing my successful students have in common
  • Utilize THIS tool to make automation a breeze
  • The 90/10 rule for building relationships

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