Writing Conversational Emails That Connect with Your Readers with Copywriter and Email Strategist Robin Crump

Have you ever fallen in love with a business only to download their freebie and then never hear from them again?

🙋 I sure have!

Although the majority of us would be overjoyed we aren’t receiving more emails to the bottomless pit called our inbox, but from the business owner perspective, this is a HUGE missed opportunity!

You see there’s people who really want to get to know you, your products or to learn from you, so not keeping up on this new relationship you’ve started will cost you time and money.

You wouldn’t make a new friend and then forget about them for months, right?

I’ve talked about the importance of building an email list before, but how are you actually taking care of your audience once they subscribe?

Tune in this week as seasoned email strategist, Robin Crump, shares her 3-step process for creating irresistible emails every single time. She even shares a subject line secret that I wasn’t aware of when I first started my list!

Just think about it, you could start receiving email responses tomorrow, from ACTUAL PEOPLE!

Wait, that’s a thing?

It’s totally a thing!

This conversation is so value-packed, Robin could seriously offer it as a course- it’s that good!

If the thought of writing emails terrifies you, or you feel like your emails are only met with the sounds of crickets, you can’t miss this episode with Robin. Listen now!

Robin Crump works with eCommerce brands as an email copywriter and strategist.

She helps business owners elevate their customer experience to keep shoppers coming back for more. Yup, she's a customer retention nerd. (Her words, not mine. ;-)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to create a welcome sequence that gets your readers hooked 
  • Find out when your audience is most engaged, and how to embrace that opportunity
  • Why it’s better to be obsessed with connections over click-rates
  • The most important questions to ask your audience
  • Learn the secret behind a great subject line
  • Robin’s 3-step process behind the perfect email
  • Robin’s greatest piece of advice that will help you see your email strategy in a whole new way 

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