How to Make an Easter Egg Carton-Free Svg included

You’ve got plans to dye some bright sparkly eggs for Easter and some really good hiding places for those colorful plastic eggs…..but do you have a plan on where to store them this season? Upgrade that Styrofoam or cardboard egg carton! This month let’s make an Easter egg container that even the Easter bunny would be jealous of!

Materials needed for this project:

  1. Cutting Machine
  2. Cutting Mat
  3. Weeding Tool 
  4. Scraper
  5. Tape measure
  6. Vinyl/Transfer Paper
  7. Plastic Egg Container
  8. Washi Tape (optional)


First things first, download the free “Fresh Eggs” File from Pen and Posh and upload it into your cutting machine. Today we are working with our Cricut Maker. 

Next, we are going to duplicate the words. A snazzy tip for duplicating things faster is to use the buttons CTRL+C on your computer and then CTRL+Z. We are going to make the words vertical. Our egg container had about a 1-inch clearance height. We had to make sure not to make it too large. We then duplicated the egg clusters, attached them together, and sized it all to 9.5 inches long. We now are finished with the side of the carton. Wasn’t that easy?!

Now on to making the lid of the container. We purchased ours from the local Dollar Tree. Not bad for only a dollar! We had about a 3-inch width working space and a 1-inch height. Be sure to measure your container! We changed the dimensions of the remaining words to fit the dimensions measured earlier. Then we duplicated two egg groups for embellishments on the sides. It is important to make sure to attach these groupings as well. This makes sure that your Cricut will cut out the eggs together and not separate them.

The rest of our design was “freestyled”. We brought in some oval shapes from the shape library within Cricut Design Space. They are available for all users under the free version. After adding three, we changed the dimensions to make sure they would fit our lid too. We are done with the designing part of this tutorial…now we send it over to the machine and make the cut!

Today we’re also going to show you a nifty tip on how to use up some of those scraps you’re probably holding on to. (The scraps you just know you’ll have a project for in the future…yeah todays the day to use them). We are going to be placing our scraps onto the cutting mat. I like to place them around the edges for easier placing later and then fill in the middle if you have room.

Once you have all your scraps on the mat, we want to go back to our cutting software to move the images on the “placement screen” to the corresponding places on your mat. It is helpful to use a light color to move the pieces around, we used pink. Also looking at your mat at the same time as moving the images on the screen is helpful too!

Unload your mat and scrap pieces. I like to weed off the mat but you do what you like. Use your weeding tool to remove unwanted pieces of vinyl. Use transfer paper to lay on top of your vinyl still on the paper backing. Use the scraper to burnish the vinyl. Remove the transfer paper at 30* angle. Move slowly to ensure the vinyl sticks to the transfer paper. Lay the transfer paper with the vinyl still on it, onto your egg container. Burnish again with your scraper to ensure proper contact. Remove the clear transfer paper. (You can re-use your transfer paper for the other vinyl pieces). You can decorate the lid however you’d like. I just “free-styled” it to my liking!

There you have it. An egg container made and designed by you for all those Easter eggs! (And look at you using all those scrap pieces! You are brilliant)! 

We hope you enjoyed this month’s craft tutorial and can’t wait to see your project! Tag us @penandposh on Instagram or use hashtag #CraftwithPenandPosh. We just may feature you on our social media!


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