How to Make a St Patty's Shirt - Plus Free St Patricks Day SVG Bundle

Well hello there lads and lassies! Ok, thanks for putting up with my lame attempt to sound Irish…Good news is we are doing ANOTHER awesome tutorial with @craftychristiescreations and it’s just in time to celebrate St. Patty’s Day! 

This week she is showing you how to use our free SVG design “Too Cute to Pinch” in Silhouette studio and how to put it on a T-shirt! This is just ONE of the FREE SVGs in our bundle for March! To grab them all, click the link at the bottom of this page!

Silhouette Studio

Here we go! Christie uses heat transfer vinyl to place this design on a kid’s t-shirt. Watch out for a few specifications with the heat transfer vinyl but since she’s using this design on a kid’s shirt, she won’t be resizing.

Step 1: Ungroup. Christie had the awesome idea to print this design in two different colors (green and gold) and it looks so. Stinking. Cute.

*Best way to group the pieces you want is to click on one (like one of the black pieces) and then “control” before each additional piece, (Right click to ‘group’) then repeat with the other color.

Remember that this SVG is totally customizable so you can get as crazy as you want with the grouping. Heck, do ten different colors if you want! Christie talks about how to fill colors in silhouette studio in the video so you can test things out there to see how it will look before printing!

Step 2: Mirror Design. (This is one of those steps for heat transfer vinyl) Group everything together, select ‘mirror’ (left or right is fine)

Step 3:   Move the original design and one of the colors off from your cut mat. We will be printing one at a time so just leave them off to the side. PRO TIP: Draw a box around the design you are about to cut so you can use as little vinyl as possible and reuse the rest of the sheet! Because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got money to waste on vinyl.

Step 4: Send it! Repeat for the other half of your mirrored design and we’re done!

Making the T-Shirt

So now that you have your two pieces of vinyl cut out, we will quickly run through the steps of putting them on the kid’s t-shirt. Remember to watch the video to get the full effect and to admire Christie’s beautiful hands…

  •         Weed the vinyl and cut out the box you created

PRO TIP: Use a ruler and a fabric pen to draw a line one inch below the collar of the shirt so you don’t place the design too high on accident

  • Place the base layer on the t-shirt (the one with the shamrocks) and get ready to iron! ***When ironing on heat transfer vinyl, always put a thick cloth in between your design and the iron. Also remember to just add pressure to the design with the iron—don’t rub it the way you would iron a shirt. Christie used the cotton setting on her iron and pressed down hard for 30 seconds at a time.                                                                                                                     

  •  Carefully peel off the carrier sheet (you may have to start and stop peeling, ironing in between if it doesn’t all come off the first try)
  • Line up the top layer of the design very carefully and repeat steps with iron and peeling.

    Voila! A super kid kid’s t-shirt perfect for wearing to school on St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you have all enjoyed this tutorial! We are looking forward to many many more!

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