How To Make A Christmas Ornament- Free SVG Included

As the crisp air turns cold and snow begins to fall, it is time to garnish the house for Christmas. I’ve been patiently waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. Now that the tree is fluffed, the decorating can begin. @craftychristiescreations and I have been working on ways to help you DIY your holiday decor.

This month’s craft tutorial features a design that is perfect for adding that special touch to your Christmas tree. Watch how Christie shows you how to take a Dollar Tree ornament and turn it into a spectacular work of art.

The Ornament

Start off by taking the metal top off the ornament, with a gentle pull it should come right out. Now, using spray adhesive glue, place the glue inside the bulb. Spin and rotate the bulb around coating the inside with glue. Add more glue as needed, but take care not to over do it. Pour out any excess glue into a disposable contraption, Christie is using a coffee filter.

Now it is time to add some glitter! Christie picked up a small tube of green glitter from the Dollar Tree and is pouring a generous amount into the bulb. Again, spin and rotate the ornament to fully coat the inside. While the glue is drying keep rotating the bulb so streaks do not appear.

Silhouette Studio

As with most of the designs, this SVG has multiple layers for maximum versatility. Who doesn’t love options, right!

Christie is going to use the Merry Christmas and the trees. These are two separate paths that Christie welds together to make it one complete design.

Ctrl + A to grab the “Merry Christmas” and the “trees”

Rick Click - Weld

Once this is done it is time to resize the project to 1.5 inches wide to fit on the ornament. Be sure to lock the ratio aspect to keep the design proportional.

Next up is moving the design to the top left corner of the cutting mat and add a weeding box. Christie makes her weeding box 1.75 inches square and centers the design inside it. Group the weeding box with the design so they will move together.

Ctrl + A to grab everything

Ctrl + G to group

Now align the group to the top left corner of the cut mat to ensure little vinyl is wasted. Christie is cutting this out of Oracal 651 permanent adhesive vinyl.


Here is a quick look at Christie’s cut settings:

Vinyl, Silhouette Oracal 651

Ratchet Blade - 1 (she is using a Cameo 2)

Speed- 5

Force- 10

Weeding and Application

Next, is a quick weeding session, take care when pulling out the small spaces between the letters. Once that is complete add some transfer tape and peel it off the mat.
PRO Tip: Cut the transfer tape down to match the design and snip small areas between the letters. This helps the vinyl lay flat on the curved surface of the ornament.

Find the center of the ornament and lay the midpoint of the decal there. Lightly press the vinyl out from the middle, watching for bubbles and overlap. With the vinyl secure, slowly peel back the transfer tape. Christie takes her time and isn’t worried that the entire design is not tacked down.

Now spend some time working out the bubbles and laying down the rest of the vinyl. Carefully peel up the edges if the decal needs to be readjusted.

For some added glam Christie added a ribbon around the metal ornament ring. Tie the ribbon in a knot then add a bow, just like tying a shoelace. Cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle for added sophistication. Manipulate the bow and ribbon to fall along the outer edges of the vinyl design.

All that is left now is to find the perfect branch on the tree to display your masterpiece!

For more from Christie, check out her website, Crafty Christie’s Creations, she specializes in handmade greeting cards, and DIY paper crafts. She is an EXPERT in Silhouette Studio, which has also led her to start producing tutorials to make all this crafting a bit easier. Follow her on Instagram @craftychristiescreations for more fun craft projects and tips!

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