How to Make a 3D Retro Echo SVG Design

 This 3D retro design is a popular style right now. If you are in with the high schoolers than you are probably aware. In this video tutorial, I share with you just how easy it is to create this style. You may be surprised by the repetitive steps used resulting in the several layers but these all come together quite nicely at the end when going through the SVG Creation Process I teach in my designer SVG course, in order to export to a clean cut file that works in cutting programs such as Cricut DS, Silhouette Studio, and laser cutting machines like GlowForge.


Retroking Font

Adobe Illustrator

Color Hex Codes: Cream #F0E0C9, Navy Blue #3B425D, Rustic Orange #C45A41, Tan #DCBB84, Teal #97A8A2

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