Part One SVG Design Series: How to Make a Writable SVG

This is Part One to the SVG Design Series I am doing over the next four weeks. I will be going through three different SVG types and showing you how to create them from start to finish! Next Wednesday we will be learning how to create "knock-out" text in Adobe Illustrator so you can see just how simple this is in this program.

"Adorable" font used in the video.

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Kasey, I use Adobe Illustrator on both Mac and iPad Pro—would it be simpler/faster to type what you want and then manually trace over the top with the pen or pencil tool, using a thin stroke, i. e. 1 pt. on the iPad Pro, then export to SVG?

Kasey | Pen + Posh

Megan the adorable font used in the video is in the link on this page.


Where do I find the adorable font?

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