How To Make a Top Dad SVG - Free SVG Included

Hey all! 

Today I am showing you how to create this very popular Top Dad SVG design. I’m using Adobe Illustrator to create this. It's very simple and quick once you get the hang of it!

Plus Illustrator gives us lots of tools that makes working with shapes and designs like this super easy. So this same design can also be downloaded here.

I'm working in Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2022 version to make this design.

If this is your first time in Adobe Illustrator, don't be too overwhelmed. This is a graphic design program that is taught to professional designers in the universities. That's where I learned it. But what I teach in the Designers Course to SVG Files is just the tools and functions that you need to know in order to create SVG files. So I make it very, very streamlined, straightforward, and simple for you to learn. 

The font that I'm using is called Sports Champs Simple Regular. 

Follow the steps in the video below to create this really cool design for a Top Dad in your life. 

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    When you get the to end you will be able to change the design to whatever color you would like or change this to the signature red, if you want to make it more look like the logo. 

    You guys, I think this will be a great design that you can put on several things. 

    If you wanna grab this design, it is SVG ready, so you can immediately cut it out in vinyl. 

    You can etch it on to a tumbler or a coffee mug, we even have a baseball cap tutorial that you could follow along with to get it on a baseball or trucker hat which I think would be a really cool gift for any dad, especially the ones that really love Top Gun. 

    So go ahead, click the link below or where ever you are watching this video to grab the free SVG.

    Font that I'm using in the design: SPORTS FONT PACK

    Free Trial of Adobe Illustrator 


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