How to Design a Grunge SVG Cut File Using Procreate, iPad Pro and Adobe Illustrator

In this vid I share how to design the trendy grunge cut file for Silhouette or Cricut cutting machines. If you are wanting to design your own SVG cut files and would like the free grunge pattern mentioned click the link below. Many people think you have to be a designer in order to make your own cut files, which isn't true. Just take a look at my drawing in the beginning of the video for instance. Over the years I've found a couple tricks that have helped improve my hand-drawn designs tremendously. With some softwares and apps on the market today, you can make the most imperfect designs exactly how you envision.


"The Ultimate Guide to Creating SVG's in Adobe Illustrator":

FULL BLOG POST: **Note: Freebie is not an SVG, it is to be used in design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and is an EPS file.**

~~In this video I share:

1) How I use Procreate to hand-drawn designs

2) How to transform the design from a JPG into a vector in Adobe Illustrator

3) How to modify that design as a vector using anchors and other tools in AI

4) How to apply a previously designed grunge pattern


Mentioned in the video:




iPAD PRO 9.7":

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