How to Design a Patriotic, Distressed Sunglasses SVG File in Adobe Illustrator

In this weeks video tutorial I teach you how to design a patriotic MERICA sunglasses SVG design in Adobe Illustrator. This is the foundation to an svg file that can be used in Cricut Designs Space, Silhouette Studio, and other popular cutting programs that accept SVG design. Have a great week everyone!

SEE THE SVG CREATION PROCESS I use to finish out my designs and convert them into an SVG, be sure to grab “The Ultimate Guide to Creating SVG’s in Adobe Illustrator” at:


~~Color codes: Blue 2B3990, Red BE1E2D

~~Font: Ding Dong

~~Free Grunge Pattern:

~~Free Sunglasses:


~"Top 4 Insider Tips to Designing and Selling SVG Files" FREE MASTERCLASS


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