Why is Etsy the Perfect Marketplace for Digital Creatives?

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When I started my business I didn't have very much money to put into it. 

Having a business that I could start up completely from scratch without paying thousands of dollars was incredibly valuable to me.

Etsy was the platform that helped me, a stay-at-home mom, get my business up and running.

Now I want to pay it forward by telling you why I really think that Etsy is a perfect platform for anybody who is just starting out online and selling their digital creative artwork or their digital downloads.

This list includes everything from not having to build a website, to helping when tax season rolls around. I also talk about the most productive uses of your time when you’re just starting out and how easily you can get started making money. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The basic essentials you need to get your shop up and running.
  • Twelve amazing benefits of selling your digital designs on Etsy.
  • Where you should be devoting your time when you first start out. 

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