What Designers Need To Know About Sublimation With Angie Holden Part Two

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This week we have part two of the podcast with Angie!

We learned so much in last week's episode about sublimation that I didn't think we could learn much more, but here we are still learning!

Have you wondered about starting a sublimation business or just for fun? If so, then we have to think about what types of printers are out there for us to buy.

Then what do we do when our customers have issues with our files? or with their printers?

Angie wraps up this interview with more tips and tricks for us on all things sublimation from mistakes to sublimation vs other material options and much more.

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Angie also has her free sublimation guide linked below!


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What is sublimation
  • Different types of sublimation printers 
  • A common mistake that people make
  • Sublimation Vs. all the other options 

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