Top SVG and Design Trends of 2020

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We all know one thing for sure – people aren’t going to buy from you if you don’t have trendy items. But how do you know what the trends are going to be? Is there some weird psychic ability that comes to you when discerning what your customers want?

While some people may enjoy that particular superpower, I’m not a psychic. The good news is – you don’t need special abilities to understand what people are seeking. You only need to be able to take readily available resources and use them to your benefit. We can all see these helpful little hints in our everyday life. The key is to recognize them.

It’s called market research. 

    This research involves doing more than just watching Etsy (or whatever other platform you’re selling on). You can do that, of course, but you can also look in places where your customers hang out. Sites like Facebook groups or Instagram can be a treasure-trove of information!

    I’ve been in the SVG design game for a while, and I’ll tell you a secret, you can sense upcoming trends and how they’re shifting by just going shopping, too. Places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or even Target are a designer’s best friend! I’m not talking about copying ideas, either.

    I’m talking about discovering exactly what people are wanting – and making those designs yourself. Inspiration strikes in the best places!

    Another little trick I’ve used in determining what people want is by actively listening to my customers. I know you may think that’s a given, but really! Your listening skills go a long way in determining what speaks to your people. I have had some of my best successes just by listening.

    In this week’s podcast, we’re going to dig into what you need to look for regarding trends in 2020. I’ll discuss how to find those SVG design ideas that people will actively look for (and purchase), how you can glean tidbits of information while hanging out on popular platforms, and more.

    Market research is easier than you think, and once you know how to go about it, you’ll find that ascertaining trends will come naturally – with just a little work. Join in and listen as I go into what I’ve done to spark my inspiration and market knowledge and give info on how you can do it too!

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

    • The top SVG and design trends of 2020 and how I’ve determined them.
    • I’ll go into the newest features in 3D SVG’s and why I think it’s the next hottest thing.
    • My predictions on the best and most sought-after styles and patterns (I’ll elaborate).
    • You’ll be able to understand what to look for yourself and how to get those creative juices flowing.
    • I’ll also explain the downloadable PDF freebie I provided, so you can see the designs yourself as I tell you why they’re definitely on-trend for 2020.

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