Top Strategies to Creating a High Converting Funnel with Michelle Fernandez

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In early October we started your funnel journey off with episode 111 Creating Your First Funnel - The Necessary Step to Automated Marketing, but now with the help of our guest speaker, we’re diving deep into the details of where, what, and how.  

Our guest today Michelle Fernandez from the podcast, The Traffic and Conversion Show, is sharing so much value that I can hardly keep up. 

She’s sharing what a funnel is and how it works, but we’re not stopping there, she’s also explaining ways you can get the most out of it, where to start, and mistakes to avoid.

Funnels can do so much for helping you grow your business. Listen in as Michelle explains how a funnel can help you retarget missed opportunities and even prevent missing them.

If you want to understand how funnels work, what you can do to boost their effectiveness and increase your conversion rates then stick in your earbuds and listen as Michelle takes a deep dive into marketing funnels.   

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Are funnels right for your business type?
  • What kinds of funnels are there?
  • Common mistakes new funnel builders make.

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