The Winning Mindset of Successful Creative Business Owners During Slow Seasons That Keeps Them on Top (Covid-19)

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Let’s be real-no one expected to spend their Spring cooped up inside watching Tik Tok dancing videos all day.
I hear a lot, "I hope things will be back to normal in 14 days, 21 days, 30 days, etc." and people banking on this is just setting them up for disappointment.

There’s nothing positive coming from worrying about what’s going to happen. And we’ve already discussed how to handle those negative feelings and what to do right now as Etsy shop owners in the last couple podcasts. This podcast will focus on changes for ALL creative businesses-blogs, digital products on our websites, etc.

As creative business owners, we have something other businesses don’t. We have our creativity to lean on right now, we have talents to share, we have videos we can be recording and sharing with others, we have information to give!  We have creative assets to share. In other businesses they don't have those things to give!

Join me for reminders on all the positive things to focus on now and HOW to make the adjustments to your business in this unprecedented time.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What IS in our control right now (so we can stay focused on that)
  • Consistencies between successful creative business owners
  • Other areas we can focus attention/energy right now
  • Time of receiving vs. giving
  • Ideas of what we, creative business owners, have to offer right now

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