The Top SVG Design Trends of 2021 and My Industry Predictions

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Want to be in the know about what’s in store for SVG designers in 2021?

If you’re nodding YES, join me for this week’s podcast episode. And hear all about the latest trends and changes in the cut file and cutting machine industry.

You’ll get fresh ideas to spark your creativity. And discover resources to help level up your SVG designs.

Yup. Create even more scroll-stopping designs to boost revenue for your Etsy shop. 🙌

(We all want more sales. Right?!)

First, we’ll look back at 2020 and then fast forward to what’s new this year. And you’ll hear my 2021 predictions for the SVG design industry. 

So grab this free download . . . Top SVG Designs Trends of 2021Guide, and follow along as you tune in to get the scoop on what’s hot in SVG design for 2021.

My SVG design students look forward to my predictions each year. Get up to speed on the changes in the cutting industry for 2021. Plus, discover new design styles to be aware of so that your SVG cut file business doesn’t get left in the dust.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Which 3D SVG design trends you need to know about to crush your goals in 2021
  • What the latest changes in the cut file and cutting machine industry mean for you
  • How you can put my design predictions to work in your Etsy shop right away

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Great episode. Discovered you a couple months ago, have worked my way through your podcasts. Thank you for what you do! I’ve been kicking around opening up an etsy shop and you’ve inspired me to actually make it happen!

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