The Right Questions to Ask When Doing Your Year End Review

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Let’s Go! It’s time to set up your goals for 2022!  

Each year at this time I do a year-end review to see what worked and what didn't. I ask myself: what do I need to do more of and what should I do less of.

You owe it to yourself as a business owner to take this very important time to look for ways to improve your business and increase your profitability.

In this episode, I am diving straight into “How” to reflect on your business in the current year. I’m giving you the questions to ask, such as how did my revenue compare to previous years or did my marketing give me good results. There are variables to consider too, which I also cover. These questions are going to lead you to better results in the new year so I’m sharing where to find the answers to them as well.

You’ve heard me talk about how I used to offer print-on-demand, but it was this exact year-end review that helped me to see that the print-on-demand portion of my business was not giving me the return I needed from it so I shut that part down.  

If you want to set the right goals that are going to get you where you want your business to go then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to reflect on your business for the current year
  • The questions that will help guide your new year’s goals
  • The thing I dedicated time to in 2021. It was the best decision ever.

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