The KEY to Discovering Your Lifelong Passive Income Business Idea

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Recently I’ve been approached by a few people who wanted to know what area of business they should go into to be successful. The first question I ask them is “What are you passionate about?”. Most people can’t answer that question. 

Since this seems to be a common question lately I decided that this week’s podcast episode would be all about the advice I gave to my friends and family who asked me for help on this topic.

I’ll be breaking down my list of 8 things to ask, research or take action on in order to find your ideal area of business and start the snowball rolling. 

If you’re looking for your niche or you need to reevaluate the one you’re in, then tune in and jot down this to-do list for success.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • THESE questions can point you in the direction of your ideal business area
  • Check out these free resources for mastering market research 
  • The ONE thing you cannot skip if you want to succeed
  • Why $$$ is not your goal right now

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Kasey, I am so grateful for all of your information. It is so helpful and I love your podcasts and classes!

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