The Etsy Digital Sales Strategy and Why It's DIFFERENT than Physical Products

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We all love hearing success stories from other Etsy shop owners (or at least I hope you do!). It’s proof what we’re doing is worth it and if they can have success, so can we! That’s why I was eager to learn from a very successful shop owner what her strategy is to boost her sales, and ultimately, her income.


After hearing from her, I was so surprised to hear her strategy and mine and 100% different! In this episode I explain why our strategies are a night and day difference and what you should be doing as a digital product shop on Etsy in order to get ahead.

All success stories have value, but not if their business model is different than yours! The craft world is constantly evolving and expanding and it’s our job as solopreneurs to understand these market shifts in order to stay on top. Don’t get left behind because you’re following advice that won’t work for your business! Find successful shop owners who do exactly what you do and follow their strategies.

This episode may be short, but it won’t disappoint! Grab those Air pods and get ready to take notes on what you need to do differently TODAY!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why a strategy for product-based businesses WON’T work for digital sales
  • 3 strategies successful product-based businesses use to boost sales
  • 3 strategies digital businesses on Etsy need to start using TODAY

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Great podcast! I’m so excited about the class!! 💗


Great podcast! I’m so excited about the class!! 💗


Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the advice and information I have received from your Podcasts!! I am a graphic designer turned nurse and truly missed designing things that I loved! I stumbled upon your podcast and website a few months ago and it has given me a new found desire and spark to create and grow my own business!! The tidbits you have taught me combined with the design skills I previously had have proven beneficial!! It’s just a start but since June 1st I have made over 500 sales on Etsy! So THANK YOU! Love what you teach, will continue to tune in and am looking forward to tour new ETSY class!

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