SVG Predictions and Cut File Trends of 2022

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Want to have the inside scoop on what SVG designs have in store for 2022?  

I think we all have at least one superpower. One of mine is having a sixth sense for what direction things are heading in. 

If you want in on the predictions that could help you get a leg up in your Etsy shop, join me on this week’s episode and hear about where SVGs are headed.

This is my favorite episode and everyone watches and waits for it because they know it can really boost their revenue for the year. We all want more revenue, right?

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What predictions came true for 2021.
  • Are SVGs going away?
  • What you want to be selling in 2022

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Abbie Bullard

Where do you see Farmhouse headed? I am seeing a huge upsurge in boho/modern/retro styles. I am starting make the shift in my shop, but would love your insight!

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