Setting New Years Goals That Don't Fizzle Out by the End of January

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We’ve all struggled with goal setting and forgetting. Our goals are not like the Instapot where you switch it on and leave the house. 

 When I set my goals these days I use specific steps to make sure that they are achievable.

I found  an article in Forbes that compliments the steps I use. For starters, your goal has to be tangible which means it’s founded in reality. The more realistic it is the more achievable it is. 

To help you create goals for the new year that are tangible and won’t just fizzle out before spring I am breaking down my steps for goal setting with a little magic sprinkled in for growth.

Part of this process is taking a look back at the current year to review your strengths and weaknesses and avoid those pitfalls next year.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Plan ahead to reduce overwhelm and friction and increase profitability
  • How to set tangible goals
  • How to identify the resources you have and use them to succeed

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