Selling on Design Bundles vs Etsy with Aubrey Tate

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What if Etsy went poof? It’s not likely that it will happen, but what if…

That is what my guest on this episode, Aubrey Tate from Tate Made Modern was thinking about when she started looking for a second platform to put her designs on.

The platform she settled on was Design Bundles and man, is she glad she did. After hearing her list the many things she loves about it, I asked her if she had any regrets about starting on Etsy.

While she’s still in love with Etsy and has made so many connections there so far, she has no regrets but sees so much potential in Design Bundles, and it is bringing a smile to her face.

If you’re looking for a platform or you just want to know what all the fuss is about, then click the link and listen in to hear what Aubrey thinks makes it great.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What Aubrey believes leads to a successful shop on any platform
  • The comparison of Etsy and Design Bundles
  • How to get started on Design Bundles

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