Selling Designs Online...Legally! Trademark and Copyright Need-to-Knows with Kelley Keller

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There's a lot of gray area in the world of selling designs online. What can we create? What should we stay away from? How should we go about protecting our assets?

In today's episode, I interview Intellectual Property (IP) attorney Kelley Keller to bring you her opinion on basic copyright and trademark guidelines to follow as you are navigating your own creative business selling digital designs.

Kelley is an IP attorney, but also a busy, scrappy, online business owner like the rest of us. She has over two decades of experience in IP, is a speaker and legal and business online educator. Kelley offers education to small business owners, creative and coaching professionals, digital entrepreneurs, and established businesses. She teaches about starting, building, and growing a business on a solid foundation and the importance of protecting valuable brand assets and creative works so they provide enduring commercial value.

In short, she is a woman who knows her stuff and has the first-hand experience owning a business, so she gets the constant struggles we have as solopreneurs!

This episode is one I will be referring back to for years to come and one that I know many of you will be too! If you want to make sure your designs are legal, that you aren't copying another person's work without realizing and if you want to know how to protect designs you create, then you definitely listen to this one!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to make sure you aren’t accidentally copying someone else’s design
  • Difference between copyright and trademark
  • How you can protect your digital assets online (whether you sell them or not!)

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Hi Kasey, not sure if you know but the link isn’t working? Not sure if the checklist is still available? Cheers! Rich

Kristen Nowell

Wow great info! I need to listen again to really understand everything but answered a lot of my questions. Thanks!

Kelley C Keller

Thank you, Kasey, for having me on the podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and am now a new fan of the Naptime Hustle Podcast! It’s a fabulous resource and I’m just grateful to play a tiny part in it.

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