Sell on one platform or many?

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By now you’ve heard me talk a LOT about Etsy as a great platform for starting a business online selling digital designs. But can you blame me? That’s where I got started!!

This episode is designed to educate you on a few other platforms that are out there and could also be an option for your designs. You may even be wondering if it's a good idea to sell your designs on one platform or on multiple.

In order to make that decision, I would say there are a few key things to know first. What are the pros and cons to selling on multiple eCommerce platforms and which ones are out there to sell on? If we sell on multiple, what's the best way to ensure our time isn't wasted in expanding to this new area online?

I hear you, and hopefully, this episode will help you gain some perspective in this area! Still, have questions? Drop me a comment below so I can be sure to clear up any confusion. Remember, I’m not making a podcast because I like to listen to myself talk! It’s for YOU and YOUR business!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The benefits of selling digital products
  • What eCommerce platforms exist where you can sell digital designs
  • Why you need to read the agreement on any platform you use
  • The pros and cons of selling on multiple platforms
  • How to properly research other platforms for your business

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