Saving Money When Money is Tight. How we are Paying off Hundreds of Thousands in Student Loan Debt.

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You’ll need a pen and notebook for this week’s episode.

I’m diving deep into my finances.

(Yup, the good and the not so good.)

When it comes to money, most of us keep our financial status (good or bad) to ourselves.. 🤫

(It’s such a personal subject.)

That’s why many people struggle financially and won’t ask for help.

So, I’m jumping in to share the financial ups and downs my husband and I have faced. 

(And our major financial breakthroughs.)

Plus, I’m breaking down all my budgeting and money-saving habits.

And I talk a lot about Dave Ramsey in this episode. (No worries, I’m not an affiliate.)

Just sharing what’s working for us in hopes it will help you too. 😊

So tune in and discover . . .

Exactly how we’re saving, budgeting, and paying off debt. And you’ll hear about the promise I made to Wyatt.

Nope. My husband’s name is not Wyatt. (I’m talking about my horse. 🤗 )

This week I’m talking about my finances. (Budgeting, saving, and paying off massive debt — everything.) And I reveal the exact strategies we’re using to secure financial freedom. Plus, sharing tips to help you do the same.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What strategy we’re using to pay hundreds of thousands in student loan debt
  • How you can save money each month even when money is tight
  • Which money management tips we’re using to secure financial freedom 

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