Propelling Yourself Forward Through Negativity and Overwhelm

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You know that one friend of yours who loves her entire body and would never want even one thing about it to change? Just kidding! That girl does not exist. No one is perfect and everyone wishes they could change something about themselves!   

I used to give the negative voices, in my head and in my life, a bullhorn and I couldn’t hear any positive messages over the blaring insecurities. I didn’t take my kids to do fun things because I didn’t want to be seen or I felt like everyone within sight of me would be offended by my body.

I was jealous of others who had what I didn’t have and I was holding myself back because of it, but I was also holding back my relationship with my children by being too embarrassed to go out and make memories with them. 

Over time, with help from mentors, I learned to shut the negative voices down, I decided enough was enough and I started making memories with my kids whether it be fully dressed or in a dreaded swimsuit. 

My kids deserved a mom who cared more about them than the impression my thighs would leave on some strangers at the public pool.

The same goes for your business. You deserve to be an owner who is going to stand up, take charge and do whatever needs to happen for your business to thrive.  Are you caring what others will think if you post a video about your business on Instagram? Are you hiding so the people who might have something negative to say won’t hunt you down and actually say it?

Today is the day to make a decision.  What’s important to you? I know you’re going to say your business!!  That’s why in this episode I am handing down to you the proven steps that were handed down to me.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The one thing you should STOP doing so that your business can blossom
  • How to quiet the negative voices in your mind
  • The 6 Steps of How to Propel Yourself Forward Through Negativity, Jealousy, and Overwhelm 

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