Lots of Products, a Thriving Community but No Sales. Time to Jump Ship?

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In this week's episode, you get to hear me live in my Facebook group with my students as I go over a particular question asked by one of them named Sandy about layered keynote files.

Sandy has been selling these for years on her website and they sell like HOT CAKES…. but over on the Etsy side people are not searching for keynote templates and she is getting some crickets … so what do you do?

I go over some suggestions of what I would do in this situation, we go over the four p’s that are in my Etsy Digital Success course, Sandy gets some advice on what she may do to improve her products on Etsy, and guess what it is not just updating her SEO.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Product Research 
  • The 4 P's 
  • How to test your keyword research on Etsy 

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