Pinterest Perfect Marketing 101 with Karrie Bhurgari

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Pinterest is a somewhat passive form of marketing, which is why it can be so attractive for bloggers and digital business owners alike.

For many people, Pinterest is the number one traffic generator for their blogs and online businesses. However, it can be beyond confusing to understand how to utilize this 'golden nugget' of a platform if you're new to how it all works.

I don’t pretend to know everything about Pinterest marketing, which is why I brought in an expert, Karrie Bhurgari. This interview is CHALK FULL of brilliant tips to get you started, or help you make necessary changes to get those monthly viewers up.

Karrie shares the best way to migrate your Pinterest account from a personal one to a business one, the mind blowing strategy behind pinning, some awesome tools to make life easier and so much more. I can’t even list everything here for fear of running out of space. Definitely give it a listen.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

● The point/goal of Pinterest
● SEO Keywords-how to find them and use them in your content
● How often to post and how much for each product
● How to transition from a personal to a business account
● Much, much more!!

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