Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome as an Online Business Owner

As an entrepreneur and a mother, it’s hard to juggle all of your responsibilities. Not only are there everyday tasks that are necessary to complete when running a business, there are daily tasks that need doing (or else) when running your household. If you have a hard time keeping up as it is, you need to be aware of the number one thing that will sink your ship in no time flat.

It’s called Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).

Now, you may have no idea what that really is, or you may think you know – but I’m going to elaborate. Most of us business owners are natural busybodies, and if you’re like me, you have millions of business ideas. You get bored quickly. You may be someone who jumps from project to project, without ever actually completing one. We’ve all suffered from this at some point.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you also have social media distracting you day in and day out. You see all of the newest business opportunities, from MLM ventures, to DIY business ideas. You may find yourself continually considering changing up your own business model – like every other day. You’re a self-starter personality, of course doing new and exciting things are going to entice you!

Okay. So, let me go a little farther. What SOS boils down to is literally just one thing. DISTRACTION! Distraction is when something shiny and flashy catches our eye, and we think, “ooh!” SOS can affect you every day, and the consequences are real.

The cycle of always starting something completely different and new and being pumped in the start-up stage is addicting. But it can leave you exhausted. SOS (or distraction) can also derail your success. Why is this thing so hard to overcome? How do we, as business-minded people not recognize this early on? In this podcast, you’ll become aware of how it’s holding you back and how to address it.

Join me this week as I dive into what Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is, how it has affected me in the past, why it’s essential not to fall into its trap, and how to overcome it in your day to day – while focusing on what’s most important. Before it’s over, you’ll have rediscovered your WHY (or whys) and be more focused on your current venture.

What You'll Learn On The Show:

  • What Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) REALLY is.
  • The real consequences of letting distractions take over.
  • How to overcome this significant ship-sinker.
  • The way SOS affected me in the past and how I’ve dealt with it.
  • I’ll give resources that keep me on track and can help you too.
  • Most importantly, I’ll help you to reaffirm your WHY (or whys) and have you feeling confident and resolute.

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Kasey | Pen + Posh

Hi Robin, I did use it for a while and enjoyed it but for me personally, it was a bit too in-depth for me. I use one that is more simple but I really like choosing my top three most important things to get done in a day then do a daily review of the end of my word day while also planning out my next day. Those are my biggest takeaways from the Full Focus Planner. Thanks for asking!

Robin D Spitzer

Are you still using this planner? The full focus Planner?

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