My Top 4 Meltdown Moments

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It’s Episode 100 and we’re Celebrating!

In this episode, I’m sharing my Top 4 Business Meltdowns, what caused them, how I reacted, and what I learned. 

Since I started this podcast, I have done a lot of talking, but I have mainly talked about the secrets to success and the joys of running your own business, but now we’ll talk about the… Not So Pretty Parts!!

We all make mistakes!  I have had moments in my business when I wanted to crawl into a hole forever. In fact, in this episode, I’m sharing with you the most embarrassing meltdown of all since I started the podcast.

So many times, as moms and business owners, we see mistakes we make as failures when in reality they are just part of the journey. It’s not about IF you’ll have a hiccup in your business, but rather WHEN!  How you react to it is what affects how successful you’ll be going forward.

Get ready to cringe, gasp and laugh with me, but don’t forget your pen and paper, because, I’ll also be sharing the 4 Steps of what to do when something goes wrong in your business.  After this, you’ll be ready to face anything head-on.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Meltdown Moments: Get ready to laugh
  • How to avoid the negative space
  • Who you should be listening to the most to make the right decisions for your business

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