"My sales have been slow, time to freak out??"

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One question that I get all the time around this time of the year "My sales have been slow, it is me, I am not doing things right, what have I done? Can I do anything? My business is going to go under.

What can I do Kasey....The truth is you probably didn't do anything and guess what....There is something you can do about it!

This episode is a good one, I myself have experienced these "slower selling seasons" trust me I think these same doubtful feelings but I have told myself this is a time to get other things done in my business that make me money or could make me money and there are tons of things around here that we are doing to prepare for the busy season ahead of us and you can to! 

Check out this episode and leave me a comment below or on Instagram about what you are doing during this slower season!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why are my sales slower
  • Things you can work on durning this time
  • What Etsy will love about this

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