Is Your Online Business Legally Compliant? Let's Talk About This!! with Lawyer Amira Irfan

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I don’t typically listen to the episodes once they’ve gone live, but I will definitely be coming back to listen to this one time and time again. 

If you ever wondered if your business is protected and legally compliant then I strongly urge you to listen to this episode all the way through because it is so full of value.

We covered everything from website legal pages that you should have to the ADA compliance of your website to trademarks and copyrights.

Amira said it was basically a legal mini-lesson.

I cannot express just how excited I am to offer you the resources from this episode. 

Even if you feel confident that you’re doing everything by the book give this one a listen. Grab a pencil and notebook before you hit play because Amira hits the ground running and just keeps going.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What you need to stay compliant and out of trouble
  • Where you can find all the templates you need for compliance 
  • Why these 3 legal pages are essential to have in your website's footer

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