Should I Invest in a Graphics Tablet? Drawing Tablets 101

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“Should I invest in a graphics tablet?” 

This is a common question asked often by new designers. It can be overwhelming deciding whether or not to invest in one especially with the KABILLION drawing tablet options on the market today!

At the time I struggled with this same question, "Should I take the plunge and buy a tablet?" 

Long story short, as I became more comfortable with designing, I realized I could do SO much more if I were able to DRAW out my designs or have a pen handy that would help speed up the process.

Well over the years I have used several graphic tablets and I have learned what is needed, what types are the best to go with depending on designer needs along with how to troubleshoot and set up the tablet so it works flawlessly on the computer.

How to Setup the Wacom Intuos

How to Setup the Apple Sidecar 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What are graphic tablets
  • Why you may or may not want one
  • Types of tablets
  • Features to look for in a tablet
  • Leading tablets on the market today
  • My experience with tablets and my current setup.

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