How True Grit and Endurance Led to Six-Figures in SVG Sales as a Single Parent with Bethany Archer

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Bethany Archer joins me this week to share her incredible journey.

She’s the owner of Board and Batten Design Co. Bethany is an SVG designer whose specialty is vintage-style artwork.

Hear how she reached six-figure success despite many twists and turns along the way.

(All while being a single parent to three kiddos.)

If you’re an SVG designer or want to be, Bethany’s story will motivate and inspire you.

She also breaks down why SVG designers should diversify their marketing channels. And she shares lots of business-building tips and advice.

(Find out how to skyrocket sales for your online design business.)

Press play on this episode and take pages of notes. 📝

Bethany Archer is an SVG designer and single parent of three. She shares her journey to six-figure passive online income success. Tune in to hear her inspiring story and leave with tips and advice to fuel your success.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Bethany bootstrapped her way to six-figure success as an SVG cut files designer
  • Why your email list is one of your most essential assets for growing your business fast
  • How you can diversify your brand and not rely solely on platforms like Etsy for sales

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Robin Spitzer

Love LOVE Love this story! I accidently stumbled upon Bethany several months ago. By that, I mean her shop, website and just LOVED how she presents herself digitally.

She has mastered being able to express herself in her art and her blog. She is a TRUE example of a Big Shot. You know, “A big shot is a little shot, who just kept shooting”

Awesome Podcast!

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