How to Develop a Marketing Strategy using Pinterest in 2022 with Kate Ahl

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You don’t want to miss this opportunity! If you’re using Pinterest or you think you want to then I have a big bonus for you! In this episode, I sat down with Kate Ahl, Podcast Marketing Strategist, and Agency owner. She shared everything she knows about what’s new for 2022 and what is coming along the line. If you want to use Pinterest to grow your business and your email list then listen in and take advantage of the tips and advice she’s giving you here.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The different ways Pinterest users interact with pins and how to optimize them 
  • Get your pin higher in the algorithm by doing THESE things
  • THIS is the easiest way to come up with keywords for your pins
  • How to calculate how many pins you should be posting
  • The 2022 Secret to Success on Pinterest
  • If you’re new to Pinterest THIS is the way to go
  • How to utilize Pinterest with AND without a website
  • Do this 1 thing to grow your email list through Pinterest
  • Why you want to be different than everyone else 

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