How Pivoting Your Business Can Lead to Huge Growth with Design Student Christina Ritch

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Got a devil on your shoulder? You’re not alone! We all have that little devil sitting on our shoulders telling us all about our shortcomings.

Design student Christina Ritch is no exception to the rule, but she managed to shut that little devil down.

In this episode, Christina shares her mantra for accepting what is and moving on. I was in awe of her outlook and you will be too.

But even more inspiring was the outcome of her willingness to accept, pivot, and start fresh. 

Hear how she discovered what her true niche was and the steps she took to make the pivot. 

Do you want to try something new, see how far your skills can take you, or show others what you can do? Listen in as Christina shares her story and the successes that have followed her pivot. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • These questions will turn criticism into growth 
  • The scary action that Christina took to have a successful 3D design shop 
  • How The Designer’s Course for SVG Files gave Christina the pinpoint education she needed to be successful.

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Loved this episode on pivoting your business. Thanks Kasey and

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