How Much Time Should You Be Spending On One Design Product?

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Do you spend hours changing tiny things on your design until it’s exactly the way you want it? 

You’re not alone!  That’s how it goes with us designers. It’s part of who we are!

However, I’m sure you realize that you could have already created more designs in the time you spent perfecting that one.

The faster you can design a product the better, The End… Just Kidding! Well, sort of.

All joking aside, it is the truth, but if that was the end of my message then you’d be pretty disappointed.

So today I’ll be sharing the hacks I’ve developed over time. Such as how those several designs you created can turn into 4 or 5 separate products to post in your shop.

I’m also sharing with you some ways to help cut down your design time so you can create more designs and earn more money.

Plus, listen in for my “big secret” on speeding up the design process.

If you want to increase your sales while creating more designs with less work, then grab your pen and paper and listen to this episode. 

See you inside!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The variables to consider when determining how long a design should take
  • What a good design balance in your Etsy shop might look like
  • How batching your design sesh can help you reach peak creativity      

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