How much Support is too much Support to Provide Customers?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | RSS                                                         If you’ve already taken that step and started selling your digital designs, then there’s probably something you’ve noticed that’s driving you insane and is a significant time SUCKER. Something that you find yourself having to do over and over again.

It’s having to continually help that one struggling patron, then just when you think you’ve gotten through it, here comes another one! Before you know it, much of your time has gone to customer support rather than creating more products!  

While it can become something of a chore to do, I believe having to provide customer service is a good thing. In this podcast, I’m going to go through exactly how I handle client support without spending hours upon hours of my time, and while also providing the maximum amount of customer service possible. Here’s my secret – over-serve your shoppers. 

You will never, ever go wrong serving your customers.

Wondering if your customer service skills leave something to be desired? Do you need help in figuring out how to give excellent assistance as effectively as possible? Then join me as I go through my methods. You’ll learn that when providing information to your clientele, people will become easier to manage, and their requests will be less redundant. I can lay it out for you in a way that’s uncomplicated and easy to understand, so that your customers feel confident purchasing from you over and over again.

The backing that you provide to the people that buy from your business is going to determine how successful you’ll be in your business ventures. People talk. This means that people will take notice and provide feedback to OTHER potential clientele – in the form of reviews. Yep.

Are you still wondering how to cut the time you devote to customer service down significantly? In this episode, I’ll go over a multitude of things that you can do to maximize client satisfaction with minimal effort.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to minimize the time spent on the redundant questions from customers.
  • How to save time when dealing with customers.
  • How to set boundaries with your time.
  • The ultimate best way to handle unhappy customers.
  • All this while still providing the best customer service possible to your customers.

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